Studio d'Ingegneria Mammini Accident Analysis and Reconstruction professionals ItalyDear English speaking visitor, you are most welcome to the web site of Studio d’Ingegneria Mammini.

This site focuses on our main professional expertise: Road Accident Analysis and Reconstruction.

We, Roberto and Fabrizio (yes, father and son), are both freelance engineers. We graduated from Pisa University and we started working in the field in the 1960s.

Our services are mainly requested for penal and civil trials or, in general, whenever a dispute arises on the causes of an accident and the responsible parties.

Being involved in a road accident is always an unpleasant experience and sometimes it can unfortunately prove to be very dramatic. However, once it has happened, it is important to have the support of skilled technical professionals, continuously trained and with adequate state of the art support tools such as 3D accident simulation software programs (we are currently owners both of PC Crash and Virtual Crash software licenses).

We are also dedicated to promoting road safety through specific multimedia and interactive workshops. These workshops are based on our technical competence in Accident Reconstruction and they aim to improve people’s knowledge and awareness of the risks we run when “living the road”.

The commitment of Studio Mammini for the European Road Safety Charter has been approved by the European Commission.

Should you be interested in any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Fabrizio:

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Fabrizio Mammini:

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